Awards Story
Charoen Pokphand Group is an organization that conducts business with a focus not only on business outcomes, but with a collective consciousness deeply embedded in the DNA of over 350,000 CP employees worldwide. This formidable force collaborates to do good and is dedicated to creating benefits for communities and society as a whole.

In this context, CP Group has initiated the "CP for Sustainability" project to select initiatives that bring about benefits or address pain points in communities or society. These initiatives are designed to foster sustainable community or societal engagement, acknowledging and honoring the efforts of employees who drive these projects. These projects will serve as models for driving progress in future opportunities.

Suphachai Chearavanont
CEO of Charoen Pokphand
Started in 2016
  1. Only Thailand region

      initiate by CEO Suphachai Chearavanont
      register 92 projects
  2. the first ceremony

      selected 38 projects
  3. expand to oversea

      register 204 projects
  4. the second ceremony

      selected 28 projects
  5. the third ceremony

      register 368 projects
      selected 59 projects
  6. the forth ceremony