CP for Sustainability
Throughout 100 years of doing business, Charoen Pokphand Group adheres to the "3 benefits" value, meaning that the group always prioritizes benefiting the country and people in every country that we invested in, then benefiting the organization, employees, executives, and shareholders. The “3- benefits” value considered as an important foundation for the growth of the organization, as well as, for economic and social development. The group is not only operated for the sake of economic value, but to also cultivate the awareness to help society which has implanted in the DNA of 350,000 CP employees around the world.

Our employees are a key power to do good deed and also a crucial component for sharing benefits for the community or society. Moreover, our operations and employees had implemented many projects and activities to help and solving social problems for a long time. Consequently, CP Group has initiated "CP for Sustainability" to select activities and projects that done good deed or helped solving social problems of community and society that lead to a sustainability participation of the society and community, as well as, to honor CP employees that done good thing and using those projects as a role model for further expansion in the future.
We are proud to invite"YOU"to
submit your projects that
Create a career, Increase access to education, Increase social impact, Promote health, Preserve and restore natural environment, etc.
and participate in selection as one of"CP for Sustainability"
Whether it is a small project or a large project or group project or stand alone project,
it doesn't matter. You can send your project in 3 categories.
Seed of Goodness A project that had been operated in the initiate period with preliminary plans and expected results of operations.
Path of Hope A Project that had been operated with measurable results and clear framework for cooperation. Also, there is a guideline for the project extension.
Testament of Sustainability A Project that had been operated with the manifested performance and be accepted by the community. Also, applying same model to expand the effect of sustainability in community/ social.
January 5, 2022 - February 28, 2022
These projects are all-important seeds to cultivate, create value and make a change, not only to the society in which we live in, but also an important seed for our own organization
- Suphachai Chearavanont Chief Executive Officer Charoen Pokphand Group Co.,Ltd.
The award ceremony of CP For sustainability March 12, 2019